Sunday, August 8, 2010

You ready to get beat?

My boyfriend and I brought my little brother with us to Rhode Island this weekend (my boyfriend grew up in Rhode Island).  We spent the first night and day in Burrillville, which is a little hick town where his family has a summer house.  I was very excited to play tennis, go swimming, and to just be out of the NYC. 

First, let me explain something about my little brother...he is no longer little.  He is bigger, stronger, and faster than me (don't tell him I said this).  He is a 20 year old man.  Actually, my even littler brother that is 13 is already taller than me and probably faster than me.  I'm in a tough predicament.  As an older sibling you need to keep showing the younger siblings that you are the dominant one.  Even though I'm a girl and they are boys this is still my duty as the older sibling.  I just have to get more creative with how I slap them into submission.  With the 13 year old (who is getting a big head because he now towers over me) I beat him in cards, arm wrestling, and I can hold my breath much longer than him.  He has been officially put back in his place.  Now for the 20 year old....

Tennis.  Tennis was going to be my way to make him never forget that he will always be the little brother, I don't care how big he is.  I haven't played tennis in years (and was never a superstar) but I have played more tennis than him.  We start by hitting balls back and forth.  Actually we tried hitting balls back and forth but he kept either missing the return or sending the balls rocketing out of the court and into the woods.  Perfect. 

We decide to play one set.  I destroy him 6-0.  Yes!  This is what I'm talkin' bout.  Of course I gloat but I'm not too mean about it.  That is the difference between an older sister and an older brother.  He has his tail between his legs (mission accomplished) but he wants to play another set.  We are both having fun.  The next set starts and I easily win the first two games.  Then, something happens.  It is like something clicked and he stopped being horribly terrible.  He continued to double fault 90% more than me but when he didn't make a mistake he was really good.  The times he got his serve in it was practically un-returnable, he was just that much better at chasing balls down.  Plus, I was tired, my hand hurt, I have asthma (all very valid excuses!).  But really it just comes down to the fact that he is an athlete and I'm a couch potato.  Second set 2-6.  Fuckkkkkk!  I should have stopped after one set.

Last set.  My chance to redeem myself.  For most of it we are pretty even, both winning the same number of games.  I think I can still pull this one out but I'm worried.  His trash talking is increasing by the second.  The need to show him who's boss has never been more crucial.  Then I fail.  He wins the set. 5-7.  Crap.  I go on and on about how I destroyed him in the beginning but it doesn't matter.  He wins. 

Right now my body is aching and he is sleeping like a baby with a smug grin on his face.  Should I give up and admit he is better?  Stronger?  Hell no!  I just need to get more creative, prove that I am smarter, and then trick him into thinking I'm stronger.

An older sister's work is never done.

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