Saturday, August 14, 2010

What I Love About Rhode Island

If you meet anyone from Providence, Rhode Island you will hear a million reasons why they think their teeny tiny state is the best in the Union.  I swear they think the world starts and ends there.  To be fair, little Rhody is a very old state so it makes sense that it was the scene of a lot of  U.S. firsts.  The first circus, polo match, discount department store - I could go on and on.  The fact that its offspring (my boyfriend) loves to talk about these little facts makes me think that the state might have a Napoleon complex going on.

Although I usually don't admit it, I really do love Rhode Island.  Here are a few of my favorite things.
A Del's Truck
  •   Spike's Junkyard Dogs.  I love this place.  If you like hot dogs you will love it too.  Lunch here is a must when you are in Providence.  They have things besides hot dogs on the menu but I have stayed true to my favorite - the Texas Ranger.  It's a hot dog with BBQ sauce, bacon and cheddar.  Also, the buns they use are amazing.
  • Del's.  Who doesn't love frozen lemonade?  Del's is a Rhode Island tradition that I can get behind.
  • The Providence Mall Movie Theater.  The theater has IMAX, it doesn't have crazy stupid NYC ticket prices, and I'll save the best thing for last.  It has a bar!  Have you ever seen a movie theater with a bar in it?  I haven't.  I was shocked and amazed (in a good way).  I love how Providence shows its true colors.  Way to keep it classy.
  • The state is the size of my big toenail.  As much as tease Rhode Islanders for living in the smallest state it is really a great thing.  You can easily do anything the state has to offer (which is a lot) because at most it takes 40 minutes to get anywhere.  It takes me longer than 40 minutes to get to Brooklyn.  A perfect example of this is Jamestown.  We ate clam cakes (another Rhode Island tradition), walked on the beach, and saw people surfing and fishing.  You can completely get away from the city without having to go far.
There are a couple places in Rhode Island that I haven't been yet but am really excited to go to.
  • Newport Home of some really old money.  From what I hear it puts the Hamptons to shame. 
  • Block Island.  There are beaches, bike riding, boating, bird watching, fresh pasta.  The list goes on.  The only bad thing is that you have to take a ferry to get there.  I will have my non-drowsy Dramamine ready.
Stay tuned....


  1. Loving your blog!!
    I def want to take a trip with you guys one time.
    I'm pretty sure Davan would love the movie theater with the BAR :)

  2. Love the Dramamine callback at the end :-)