Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sippin' on Gin and Juice

Last weekend we went to Boyfriend's summer house in Rhode Island, again.  I had a list short list of things I wanted to do: read, eat cupcakes, drink, and sleep.  All my favorite things.  I thought it would be easy to accomplish all of this.

I was on target with my goals till my arch nemesis reared her ugly head.  Allergies.  I've been battling that bitch my entire life.  I'm sorry to say she has won quite a few battles.  This was not going to be one of them.

It was going to be tricky because for the past year I haven't taken allergy medicine and I didn't want to start again.  Sometimes the allergy medicine turns out to be worse than the allergies!  I got addicted to Zyrtec (don't ask), Claritin stopped working, Claritin-D made be feel super depressed, the list goes on.  So, for the past year I've pretty much only used a neti pot (pouring warm salt water through one nostril and out the it) and prayed.  Luckily I haven't had any serious allergic episodes - till now.

There I was sitting at the summer house sneezing up a storm, acting like it wasn't that serious but silently praying that all the mold and dust in that old house would just show itself so we could have it out once and for all.  Enough with the sneak attacks!  Then Boyfriend's sister decided it was time to start drinking...hard.  No one else wanted to join so I stepped up to the plate.  This might be just what I needed.  I learned a long time ago that when I'm drunk my allergies don't bother me.  Hooray to numbing the senses!

Boyfriend's sister wants to drink gin and tonic but I don't like tonic water.  It tastes bad and somehow it ended up being one of my nicknames and no matter how much I reject it I can't shake it.  I go with gin and juice instead.  Deee-li-cious!

After about 4 drinks I'm frustrated.  It isn't working!  I'm still sneezey.  I neti pot.  Even more sneezy!  Then I decide to take Sudafed.  That technically isn't allergy medicine, right?  I also use my inhaler for good measure.  Obviously through all of this I keep drinking.  Then, Bingo.  I knocked that Bitch out.  Not Boyfriend's sister, Allergies.

No more sneezing, itchiness, everything gone.  Hallelujah, my crazy concoction worked!  Weekend saved.  Now back to being a big blob.

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  1. Lol!!
    Weird remedy.
    Oh and your beloved nickname.