Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sydney Observations

I've been in Sydney for 2.5 days and I've noticed a few things. 

Sydney is amazingly beautiful.  Every harbour offers great views.  Also, the water looks clean and blue.  Definitely not like Hudson or East river make you puke water.  I would consider eating a fish from that water if I were the fish eating type.

We're staying in The Rocks neighborhood and I would recommend it.  It is right by the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.  Also there are tons of cafes, bars, and easy access to anywhere you would want to go. 

I've seen 3 black people.  It seems like Sydney is 50-50 white and asian.  To be fair I have seen a couple Indians (and I really mean 2 max).  I haven't gotten any stares though so a black person must not be that much of a novelty.  There were aboriginals at the aboriginal cultural center we went to but that is it.  Boyfriend asked me if it felt weird to be the only black person everywhere we went.  Pssh that stopped phasing me in preschool. 

The shops close around 5:30pm and restaurants around 9:30pm.  That feels really early to me.  Thankfully bars are open later.

Everyone in Australia has at least 4 weeks of vacation!  O and since they aren't taking all their vacation days the government has a campaign going to encourage everyone to use them.  Give them to me!

Boyfriend loves wine so we've been to a few wine bars and stores.  Every single one only has wines from Australia and New Zealand.  I understand having hometown pride but this seems weird to me.  I have no idea where you would go to buy wines from any other country.  We are going on a Hunter Valley wine tour tomorrow so after this trip I may be maxed out on this wine region.

Kangaroo tastes like beef. 

That is all for now.  All the running around we've been doing is making me need a nap.  At some point I'll let you know about all the activites we're doing.

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